Get On The Good Foot!

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Proverbs 4:27b

Back in the ’70’s, the late great James Brown wrote a song entitled, “Get On The Good Foot.” Borrowing the title of his hit, it calls mind what we as believers have been instructed by the Lord and His messengers to do.

You see, before we accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, all of us “walked in the path of the ungodly.” Of course, some of us walked more frequently than others; some of us walked on paths others dared not trod; and some of us walked more heavily than others, trampling every thing on the path before us.

However, that was then…now that we are believers, our “walk” should have changed. Our feet should not be frequently found on the same paths, trampling everything underfoot.

To keep it simple, King Solomon wrote these words of instruction in Proverbs 4:27b, “Remove your foot from evil.”

People of God, the Word declares, “Remove your foot…” We have been empowered through the Holy Spirit to decide where our feet will land. The feet of a believer have no business in the company, on the territory, or anywhere near evil.

Remove your foot from evil.

Get on the good foot!

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