It Is Not That Difficult

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Mark 12:31

 2016 Frieda P. Smith

 Has anyone besides me ever met a person who manages to make the easiest things difficult?   Consider this scenario…

Minister:                   Pastor, I am headed to the store.  Need anything?

Me:                              Yes, Minister.  Will you please bring me a Pepsi?

Minister:                    Sure Pastor.  Do you want it in a can, a bottle, or a cup with ice?

Me:                              It doesn’t matter.

Minister:                    Okay.  Do you want a 16 ounce or a 32 ounce bottle?

Me:                              A 16 ounce will be fine.  Thanks.

Minister:                   Okay Pastor.  One last thing…diet or regular?

Me:                              Regular.

Minister:                    Got it.  I will be right back.

Phone rings…

Me:                              Yes, Minister…

Minister:                   Sorry to bother you, Pastor, but there is a sale on a 12 pack of Pepsi.

Would you like me to buy that instead? It’s a better deal.

Me:                              Sure.

Minister:                   Do you need me to buy a bag of ice?  These cans are warm.

I used the above scenario as an example, because there are Christians who have no problem preaching, teaching, singing, running, and dancing but seem to complicate a very clear and easy directive from Jesus:  “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

There is no hidden code here.  No new “revelation.”    

Love your neighbor.  It’s not that difficult. 

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