Focus On Who God Gave You!

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1st Samuel 10:26
2016 Frieda P. Smith
Beginning a new journey or a new assignment is not easy. Trust me; I know.
Like Saul—who was anointed the first king over Israel—you may be tempted to go into hiding (1st Sam 10:22).
You will question your abilities, doubting that you have “what it takes”. (You will have plenty of company in this area.)
As we look at our scripture text, when the Lord chose Saul as king, shortly after Samuel’s introduction to the people and their general acceptance, the Bible says in 1 Samuel 10:25 that Samuel sent all the people home.
Verse 26 reads, “Saul went home to Gibeah, and valiant men went with him, those hearts God had touched”.
Verse 27 reads, “But some rebels said, ‘How can this man save us?’ So they despised him and brought him no presents. But he (Saul) held his peace.”
Which group would get your attention?
The people who God surrounded you with, whose hearts “God has touched” or the “rebels” who despise you and won’t give you a love offering?
People of God, it’s easy to get discouraged in the midst of rebellious people, but you ought to know by now that everybody won’t like you! Everyone will not support you.
You are going to encounter some people who will resent your position in God. That is their problem; don’t make it yours.
You’re the one, because God says you’re the one. Therefore, you don’t have time to be trying to win over the handful of rebels who won’t recognize you or receive you or respect you, for like Saul, the Lord has already surrounded you with valiant people.
People whose hearts He has touched!
Focus on who God gave you!


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