Let Him Burn!

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1 Thessalonians 5:19

2016 Frieda P. Smith


There was a time I was a horrible cook.  I was so bad that every time I cooked something, the smoke detector would go off.

I knew it was a false alarm, so I would stand in front of it and fan away the smoke until it stopped screeching.  After a while, however, I took the batteries out.

At that point, I made a foolish decision.

You see, my friends, the smoke detector was only doing its job:  Smoke is indicative of an impending fire. 

In the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Church at Thessalonica, he wrote these words, “Do not quench the Spirit.”

The Holy Spirit—the Spirit of God—dwells within every true believer on the Lord Jesus Christ.  His “fire” has been ignited within us for several reasons, two of which are to burn away our sinful nature, and to provide “light” to expose the work of the enemy.

Like my behavior with the smoke detector, there are times when we attempt to “quench the Spirit” by ignoring the Holy Spirit’s warnings or attempting to silence Him altogether.

The Holy Spirit was screaming “Don’t do it!!!” but because of our own desires—because we thought we knew what was best and He must be wrong (imagine that!)—we tried to silence His Voice.

However, my friends, had we let Him burn, His fire would have exposed the trap the enemy was leading us into.

Do not quench the Spirit.

Yes, He can be noisy at times.

No, we do not always want to see what He reveals to us.

Nevertheless, heed the word.

 Let Him Burn!

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