Go Make Some Babies!

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John 15:16

2015 Frieda P. Smith

In the 1st chapter of the book of Genesis, after God created man and woman, He told them in verse 28 to “Be fruitful and multiply”. In other words God said, “Go and reproduce yourselves! Go make some babies!”

If men and women never heard another word God said, they certainly heard that one! Bible believers and unbelievers alike seem to have no problem fulfilling that command (say Amen somebody!).

Likewise, from a spiritual point of view, Jesus spoke these words to His Disciples (His followers), recorded in the 16th verse of the 15th chapter of the Gospel According to John, “You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain…”

In other words, Jesus repeated the same command His Father did: Go make some babies!

My Christian friends, we are not on this earth to eat, drink, and be merry.  We are not here for self-gratification.  We are chosen vessels. We were rescued from our lives of sin, saved, and delivered for a purpose: To bear fruit for the Kingdom (Romans 7:4). We have been chosen to go and reproduce more Christians!

From this day forward, as you take selfies with your biological children, take some selfies with your spiritual children, too! Show them off to your family and friends! Invite them over for dinner! They are the “fruit” of your soul-winning efforts! They are now part of your family! Celebrate with them!

During this Christmas season, there are those who are sad because their biological children are no longer present on earth. However, if your spiritual “fruit” remains—if your “babes in Christ” are still among us—you can still rejoice!

You see, who you have helped birth for the Kingdom is your “fruit”.  Who you helped lead out of darkness is your “fruit”.  Who you led to Christ is your “fruit”…they are your “babies.” 

You helped birth them; it’s your job–like a good parent–to make sure they grow up to be strong Christians.

Therefore, even if your biological children are no longer with us, your work as a parent is not finished.

You are a chosen vessel.

Go make some babies!

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