God Has Another Plan!

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Psalm 115:3

2015 Frieda P. Smith

When exactly are we going to get it? Really…does anyone besides me ever wonder what God must be doing up in heaven as He looks down on us sometimes?

He must be shaking His head as He watches us make all of our great plans, schedule our vacations, save our money for our retirement, etc., all the while knowing there will not be any “great plans”, “vacations” or “retirements”.

You see, my friends, we have plans, but so does He!

Psalm 115:3 reads, “But our God is in heaven, He (God) does whatever He pleases.” Therefore, even though we are making plans—that we should—we have to understand if God has other plans, He is going to cancel ours. Simple as that.

So my friends, as you go through your day and you do not get hired for the job you thought you deserved; you do not get asked out by the man or woman you had your eye on; or you find out your credit is not good enough to get the car or house you wanted to lease or buy; instead of getting an attitude, becoming depressed, or believing there must be something wrong with you, lift up your head and tell the Lord, “Thank you.”

God cancelled your plans, because

God has another plan.

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