You Have To Protect Your Goods!

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Mark 3:27

2015 Frieda P. Smith

Those of us who have been homeowners know the true value of a home security system. Many people have purchased security systems like ADT, whereby all entryways are wired and monitored to prevent unlawful intrusions.

Other people have Pit bulls, Rottweilers, and German shepherds that are trained, while others have Yorkies and Lhasa Apsos that will at least bark when someone gets near the house.

Then there are those who are blessed with husbands, sons, and brothers who are more than anxious to deal with anyone who attempts to unlawfully intrude on their premises.

In our text for today—written by Mark—we find Jesus having a discussion with some of the scribes shortly after Jesus entered their synagogue on the Sabbath and broke one of the laws of Moses by hosting a healing and deliverance service on the Sabbath day, right before their eyes.

I had no intention of stopping here, but I needed to pause and admire Jesus’ style. Jesus did not care about rules and traditions, nor did He care about deviating from the bulletin the usher handed to Him when He walked into the temple. When someone came to the temple and needed to be healed, they left healed! And the other thing I admire about Jesus is that He did not try to hide His gifts and anointing.

Keeping it real, that is what’s wrong with the world now! Too many of the people of God are too busy trying to hide our anointing and our power and do ministry on the sneak!

While everybody else is coming out of hiding, it looks like the people of God are going in! Smh…

After Jesus was accused by the Jewish leaders of being of the kingdom of satan, Jesus called these Jewish leaders to Himself (recorded in Mark 3:23) and spoke a parable to them, recorded in Mark 3:27…Jesus said, ”No one can enter a strongman’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man. And then he will plunder his goods.”

In the parable, Jesus uses the example of a house. We all can relate to Jesus’ example, because most of us have seen a house or live in one. Our house is the place we should feel wanted and protected and safe. It is the place where our valuables are. Our house is where our personal space is. It is our natural dwelling place.

However, in the spiritual realm, we have another house. Our body is also our house. It is the place where our soul lives. The apostle Paul tells us in 1st Corinthians 3:16, “Don’t you know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” Therefore, our body is housing the Spirit of God.

And what I hear the Lord saying is that it makes no sense for us to invest in a $1000 alarm system to protect our physical house, a $2000 alarm system to protect our car, but a $2.00 alarm system to protect our spiritual house!

In other words, we need to invest more time in bolstering our spiritual lives. We cannot afford to be weak Christians, because the Holy Spirit’s job is to help us protect our goods..

We become weak Christians when we show up to church and Bible Study every now and then, and Sunday School not at all.

We become weak when we do not have a prayer life.

We become weak when we hang out with other weak Christians or non-Christians.

We become weak when we listen to weak preachers and teachers who preach “ Stab it and grab it” messages all the time…(tap your neighbor and say “We can’t shout all the time!”)

People of God, we must strengthen our spiritual lives in order to hold on to our goods!

My friends, if you are a believer on the Lord Jesus Christ, you are in possessions of goods. In your natural house where you live, your possessions are your goods; your family, your home, your clothes, your shoes, your jewelry, your electronics, your furniture, vehicles, etc,, are considered to be your goods. They are worth protecting.

In like manner, the Lord blessed your spiritual house—your temple—with goods as well. There is great substance within you that needs protection. There are valuables within you. There are treasures within you. There are gifts within you. You are the bearer of wonderful possessions. You bring much to the table. There is an anointing within you.

Never mind ADT and the alarm system on your car! Invest heavily in your spiritual life!

You have to protect your goods!

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