What Kind Of Light Are You: Part III?

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What Kind Of Light Are You: Part III?

Matthew 5:14

2015 Frieda P. Smith

On New Year’s Eve 2014, I had the privilege of preaching with six other dynamic ministers representing the Shiloh Baptist and Rehoboth Christian Church of Tarrytown, NY. On that evening, I delivered this message, and I am going to share it with you on this blog for the next few days.

In this text known to us as the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus declared to His disciples, “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

As we know, there are all types of “lights” in the world today. The question that will be on the floor for the next few days will be: What kind of light are you?

[If you missed Parts I and II, go back and read it.]

Are you a “candlelight?”

I always loved candlelight, primarily because I find candlelight calming.

Candlelight sets a romantic atmosphere; as we know, many a marriage proposal are announced during candlelight dinners; many a baby are conceived during candlelight lovemaking sessions between husbands and wives (sometimes with a little assistance from Barry White or Usher—saints, do not get deep on me!)

Candlelight is beautiful, but the downside of candlelight is that it has no light of its own; it needs fire from another source before it can shine, and the slightest wind will blow it out.

Are you a “candlelight?”

Do you have a calming and beautiful presence externally, but show up in church every Sunday because you need to be “lit up” spiritually every Sunday? Have you noticed that the enemy can show up in your life and blow the slightest “breeze” of trouble—sickness, financial or marital trouble—and all of a sudden your light begins to flicker or blow out altogether?

Are you “church-hopping”, complaining that you are not being fed where you are, because you cannot seem to keep your fire “lit” from one week to the next? Do you believe it is the “worship experience” that is responsible for your fire staying lit? Is it Praise Team’s job, the choir’s job, the praise dance ministry’s job, the music ministry’s job, and/or the pastor’s job to “light you up” every week?

Jesus said, “You are the light of the world…” There are people in your circle—friends and family—who need your light to help them to see through the darkness of this age.

Candlelight is cute, but it will not cut it in the midst of a storm.

If this message is for you, as my daughter Minister Zaneta always says, “Do better.”

What kind of light are you?

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