Four Reasons Why You Can Rejoice When You Are In Trouble: Part II

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Four Reasons Why You Can Rejoice When You are In Trouble: Part II

Scripture: Psalm 31:7-8

©2015 Frieda P. Smith

As we look at the second reason why we can rejoice when we are in trouble (for those of you who missed the first reason, you will have to go back and read Part I), David wrote in Psalm 31 verse 7, “You have considered my trouble.”

In the context of this passage, the Hebrew word for consider is “to see or behold”.

Therefore, what David is saying in essence is this: “God, you see my trouble.”

Likewise, my friends, just because He has not done anything about your trouble does not mean He does not see it.

Hit the rewind button in your mind…there were times when we saw things but did not address them at the moment we saw them. We stored them in our minds for a later date. Perhaps it was not the time to address it. Maybe it was your child acting up and you gave them that “wait-until-we-get-home” glare. You saw it, but you did not act on it when you could have.

Well, my friends, I believe God exercises the same prerogative. Not only does He see our trouble, but He sees our trouble-makers!

David wrote in Psalm 37:12-13, “The wicked plots against the just, and gnashes at him with his teeth, the Lord laughs at him, For He sees that his day is coming.”   Therefore, in the time of trouble, you can still rejoice, knowing that God sees what is going on, and in due season He is going to do something about it. Count on it!

And while we are on the subject—since you brought it up—do not get upset with God when He begins the process of eliminating the trouble-manufacturers from your life.

A manufacturer is in the business of making or creating things from nothing. My friends, there are certain people in your life who are in your inner circle, who smile in your face, but actually manufacture much if not all of your troubles.

Let me help somebody today…there are some men and women who have trouble in your marriage because you have people around you who manufactures problems for you. You did not have problems until they showed up. You and your spouse were doing fine until you became friends with this individual and they began depositing damaging information into your spirit.

Your new friends want you to hang out with them at “happy-hour” every day after work, when you know your husband or wife has not seen you since you left home in the morning. Your new “happy-hour” friends are manufacturing trouble in your marriage, trouble that was not there before you met them.

There is someone reading this message who is having financial issues because someone else manufactured them for you. You invested money in the dreams of someone else; you loaned someone money and they did not pay you back; you co-signed on someone’s car loan and they defaulted; or you were the “ATM” for your family and friends and now your bank account is empty.

You could not see the source of the trouble because you were too close to it, but God sees it and is working behind the scenes to take care of it.

So my friends, when you pray for deliverance from your trouble and you start to notice certain people suddenly disappearing from your life, do not chase them!  Let them go!

They were probably a trouble-manufacturer, and God showed them to the exits!

Rejoice and be glad!

2 thoughts on “Four Reasons Why You Can Rejoice When You Are In Trouble: Part II

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    Diane Moody said:
    July 14, 2015 at 6:28 pm

    Yet another inspiring message from Pastor Frieda P Smith.Thank you .I will rejoice in The Lord!!


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